Jordan Kozey, MA

Registered Psychologist (provisional) #1020

My work is comprised of integrated methods that promote healing on all levels of the human being and their relationships. These methods includesomatic, psychoanalytic, transpersonal, cognitive, and humanistic approaches, balanced with humour, meditation, coaching, dreamwork, and how we wake up to better lives through relating to one another.

Individual Psychotherapy

In my office, clients are creatively guided toward and through their maladies, leaving most with a sense of aliveness, accomplishment, and newfound zest for life.

I have successfully helped men and women of all ages alleviate, relieve, or completely reverse the following:

 Depression/Anxiety, Healing Trauma (Sexual, Mental, Emotional, Injury), Grief, Creative Walls/Feeling Stuck, Mood/Personality Disorders, Addiction, Immigration Stress, Anger, Recovering from Brain Injuries (ABI’s), Sexual dysfunction/stagnation, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

 others include:

Assistance leaving/coping with/healing from an abusive relationship, uncovering the individual meaning of dreams, cessation of deeply disturbing thoughts, magnifying self-love and care, weening off strong psycho-pharmaceutical medication, unwinding the tangles of codependency, reclaiming healthy masculinity, and teachings on gender dynamics in marriage and relationships.

Integrative Couples Therapy

I am trained and efficient in helping individuals and couples in the following areas:

Domestic Violence support/repair, Relationship turbulence/Codependency, Surviving/leaving a Narcissistic Partner, Alienation from Children, Affairs, Regaining Life Through and After Divorce, Finding passion and intimacyafter children, breaking up but want to remain friends or co-parent, non-violent communication, understanding gender dynamics and the sublte languages of love, sexual polarity (what is it and why is it important?).


People who believe in us:

  • Tanya M


    I want to thank Adam and Dami for their excellent service at the NeuroFitness Center. Adam is currently working with my daughter Isabelle who is 9 years old. This is a great alternative!! Isabelle and I are extremely grateful for the extra boost we are getting! Thank you Neurofitness Center of Regina!

  • Tom D


    You won't find anyone as concerned with your well-being as Dami. He provides nothing but the most caring and warm service. I recommend him to all my friends :)

  • Alina J


    These people know their stuff! Excellent minds available to work on your mind :)