Would you like to:

  • React faster?
  • Evade collisions and tackles?
  • Process threats more rapidly?
  • Heighten attention?
  • Enhance peripheral vision?
  • Thwart fatigue?
  • Boost situational awareness?

Sometimes cognitive performance can be the difference between victory and defeat, even in physical activities. Peak BrainTraining forces you to divide your attention between mental focus and physical prowess in a high pressure environment in a way that is often only experienced during a high stakes game.

Anti-aging Benefits...

Peak BrainTraining¬†uses a 3D display to spread your attention between multiple objects. As you advance, additional physical tasks are added to make the sessions more and more difficult. Object tracking is used at high speeds to accentuate your processing speed and power – to keep you alert and focused. The tasks require that you absorb and process complex moves in rapid succession, enhancing your sports abilities. You’ll be keener, sharper and faster. Sports-specific drills keep you at the top of your class for whatever athletics drive you.


People who believe in us:

  • Tanya M


    I want to thank Adam and Dami for their excellent service at the NeuroFitness Center. Adam is currently working with my daughter Isabelle who is 9 years old. This is a great alternative!! Isabelle and I are extremely grateful for the extra boost we are getting! Thank you Neurofitness Center of Regina!

  • Tom D


    You won't find anyone as concerned with your well-being as Dami. He provides nothing but the most caring and warm service. I recommend him to all my friends :)

  • Alina J


    These people know their stuff! Excellent minds available to work on your mind :)