Dami Egbeyemi

Founder and Director

Personal Trainer, Neurofeedback Practitioner and meditation instructor.

Years of struggling with anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and looking for answers I found Neurofeedback. My healing journey fueled my passion to bring this wonderful technology to people who are struggling with some of the same issues I was.

My first Neurofeedback session made me feel a sense of clarity and lightness I had never felt before, and after several sessions I felt the lasting effects of Neurofeedback in my life. I no longer felt the constant panic and tension that comes along with long term anxiety and stress and felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I decided to receive my training in Brain Wave Optimization from Brain State Technology in Scottsdale, Arizona and received my master level certification. I then opened my first wellness center (Mind Body Harmonics) to help people of all ages and back grounds to improve their lives using the proven technology that had helped me improve mine.

Today Neurofitness center exists as a concerted effort to keep my dream alive, and to help people including Children, Athletes, Professional of all works of life elevate to their true potential by applying techniques and modalities I have learned in my 8 years of practice.

Practitioner Details

Optimal Brain Training - (Neurofeedback, Visualization & HRV): 0%
Personal Training - (Applied Functional Sciene & WBV) 0%
Peak Brain Training - (NeuroTracker) 0%
PSYCH-K - (Applied Kinesiology & Belief Pattern Modification) 0%
Meditation - (Mindfullness & Mental Imagery) 0%

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Personal Testimonials

People who recommend me:

  • Bree Louise


    "Dami at Neuro fitness is super accommodating and friendly! I got a touch of Carbon monoxide poisoning and wasn't going to wait at the hospital for 10 hours to just get oxygen and that's when I found Neuro.. thought I'd give it a try and within the first 10 minutes of using the oxygen bar my shakes had stopped, my body was completely relaxed and within 3 days of using the oxygen bar I felt 100% I got a membership and have been using the whole body vibration and WOW whole body workout in 30 minutes only! I feel great and feel the burn. Can't wait to try out the float room and everything else they have to offer :)"


People who believe in us:

  • Tanya M


    I want to thank Adam and Dami for their excellent service at the NeuroFitness Center. Adam is currently working with my daughter Isabelle who is 9 years old. This is a great alternative!! Isabelle and I are extremely grateful for the extra boost we are getting! Thank you Neurofitness Center of Regina!

  • Tom D


    You won't find anyone as concerned with your well-being as Dami. He provides nothing but the most caring and warm service. I recommend him to all my friends :)

  • Alina J


    These people know their stuff! Excellent minds available to work on your mind :)