Breakthrough Technology and Extraordinary Care

NeuroFitness Center is a modern day wellness center, helping you to bring mind and body together in harmony, optimizing for peak performance, happiness and well being.

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Neuro Optimal
Floatation Therapy
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Do this for your body

FIT3D: Visualize a Healthier Body with 3D Body Imaging and Online Tracking.
Whole Body Vibration: Strengthen Muscle, Gain Mobility, Reduce Pain, and Lose Weight.
Applied Functional Science: Train your Body to do what YOU want it to do.
Float Therapy (Isolation Tank): Relaxation, Deep Tissue Healing, Stress, and Pain Relief.
Oxygen Bar: Socialize, Oxygenate, and Aromatherapy.

Do this for your mind

NeuroAssess: Test Brain Function, Thinking, Feeling, Emotion, Motor Skills, and Memory.
NeuroTracker: Improve Mental Focus, Sustained Concentration, Response Time, and Awareness.
NeurOptimal: Reduce Anxiety and Stress, Improve Relaxation and Sleep quality.